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Objective of the measure: To encourage the transformation of the traditional industry by introducing technologies for the development of critical industrial innovations and the economy as a whole - High Impact Technologies (hereinafter referred to as HITs) for the production processes of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (hereinafter referred to as "SMEs").

Suitable applicants:
Very small, small or medium-sized enterprise (SMEs);
Has operated for at least one year;
The annual revenue from the production of SMEs according to the latest approved annual financial statements is at least 145,000 EUR.

Partners: Not allowed.

Supported activities: Implementation of HITs in the traditional industries of the Republic of Lithuania in order to strengthen and modernize the industrial base of SMEs, enabling the mass manufacturing of innovative products (production) (using HITs) to be developed.

Suitable funding costs:
1. the costs of purchasing or financial leasing of the HITs (equipment and installations) necessary for the direct project activities;
2. The salaries of employees who will work with the installed HITs.

Financing intensity:
45 percent of all eligible costs of the project if the applicant is a very small or minor enterpise. The applicant covers 55% of budget.
35 percent of all eligible costs of the project if the applicant is a medium-sized enterprise. The applicant covers 65% of budget.

Maximum implementation duration: up to 36 months.

Submission deadline: SCHEDULED PROJECT

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