Import / Export

Interested in foreign markets?
Are you looking for business partners for cooperation in manufacturing, trading or service provision?
Are you looking for partners, customers, suppliers?
Having analyzed your needs and information about your products or services, we offer you professional services in export / import development.

Individually tailored service for your company - search for business partners:

  • Partner Search in Target Markets:
    • active search for partners, providing the client with reports on actions taken, information provided:
      • n companies which the information was sen to;
      • n companies which dialogues take place with;
      • n the achieved results;
  • Agreement signing and negotiation with a partner:
    • Preparation of informational materials about the business proposal in the required language;
    • Initial search for business partners, address selection;
    • Contact with selected companies;
    • Contract signing;

We will help to find reliable business partners for long-term cooperation, thus increasing the company's export / import to the most promising markets.

MB "Kokybės klubas"  is a business and investment advisory firm.

Contacts for consultation:

Phone: +370 65538778